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  Life Insurance is your responsibility!
  Its Your life! Mother and son      Or Is It?Father and son
       We've heard all of the reasons why a person shouldn't buy life insurance

     But the main thing that you really do know is:


Life insurance can benefit you. But it's really for the ones that you love. If a life insurance program is structured properly, the benefits will take care of your loved ones if you die, and help to support you if you live to old age.

Find out the real facts, and then make the responsible decision.
Buy healthcare medicines.

We know the facts, and have the Companies that can make your Plan work!

  Health Insurance
  You might take your health for granted, but it makes all of the difference!
  Seriously injured man in hospital bed
Young mother feeding her child
Woman being shown how to do a self breast exam

    We will help you find the health plan that works for you at the best possible price!


    We have access to all of the major health insurance companies in Minnesota.


    We will help you structure a group plan for your business, or an individual plan for your family.


    Give MISA a call at 651-731-5358 !

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