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         Jimmy and his family were our friends and insureds for years. Jimmy was going to work in a northern suburb early in one morning and was involved in a head on crash with another vehicle. Jimmy's vehicle burned up at the scene and Jimmy was killed instantly. Although the person in the other vehicle eventually recovered from their injuries, they could not remember anything about the accident. Litigation in this case dragged on for years. All court costs were paid by the insurance company.
         One of our clients lost control of their vehicle on an icy road, and went into a lane of oncoming traffic. This client was carrying the minimum limits of liability coverage required by law in Minnesota. After being involved in litigation for some time, the insured came in and placed maximum liability and property damage limit coverages on his older vehicle. Unfortunately, those limits did not cover the original accident.
         Sam was driving home from his business after closing one night when he happened upon a deer in the road. Sam swerved to miss the deer, but went in the ditch and hit a tree. His car insurance covered his vehicle, but Sam was severely injured.
         A daughter of one of our insureds lost control of her parents vehicle. Luckily, they were carrying sufficient limits of liability because the girl struck another vehicle and killed the driver. Although the entire family was traumatized, the insurance coverages paid for counseling and stood behind the family during the ensuing litigation.
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